Facebook launches new options to make your break-up less painful

Facebook has announced that they will try make break-ups less painful for broken-hearted lovers through new options.
The new options are already available in the US and they will also be available in the rest of the world. The following are the options that will appear when if you change your status from “in a relationship” to “single”:
1 You will receive a notification asking you if you would like to see less posts by your ex partner without having to block or unfollow this person. If you allow it, your ex’s posts will no longer appear on your wall and his/her name will no longer be an option when you post and tag people.
2 You will be able to limit the amount of pics, videos and status upgrades so that your ex does not see them.
3 You will be able to reduce the content the rest of the people can see on your past with him/her.

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