Raspberry Pi Zero, the new USD 5 computer

After selling millions of Raspberry Pi computers at only USD 20, the Raspberry Foundation has presented their Pi Zero which costs only USD 5.
Pi Zero is the new mini computer which has surprised people for its low cost. Though its specifications are not dazzling, they are enough to create homemade multimedia centers and also to teach children their first IT lessons at school.
The credit card-sized unit has a 1GHz ARM11 processor core that is 40 percent faster than the one on the original Raspberry Pi, which was launched back in 2012 and cost USD 35. It also boasts 512MB of RAM, a MicroSD card slot for storage, a Mini HDMI port and micro-USB sockets.
The Raspberry Pi Zero is already on sale in the US and the UK, and “…it runs Raspbian, a Linux-based OS optimised for Raspberry Pi computer and can be used for popular applications such as Scratch, Minecraft and Sonic Pi,” said the company.

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