Private policy

Private policy:


1- Use of Gorilla Central.

Gorilla central is a free of charge new’s portal. Make sure you enjoy our content.

2- What is a cookie.

A “cookie” is a bit of information records used in the web pages that we represent and in some customers that trust us. This information usually stored by web pages in a user’s PC is exclusively used by Gorilla Central to provide accurate trending news and to target ads.

3- Use of information.

GC treats the information obtained from the cookies and similar technologies as non-personal data. This guarantees the confidentiality of users.

4- How it works?

Gorilla Central is made by entrepreneurs and journalist from all over the glove working on the latest and more interesting news. All our content can be accessed by following us on facebook.


5- Site link.

In all cases, the advertisements include a link or an address to the product or third-party services. Gorilla Central shall accept no liability for the personal use of the advertisement.


6- Information

The services proposed in GC’s portal are created by GC’s editors and writers registered at the Business Register of the United States of America, under the number 42-1776852 Telephone number: +1-302-268-6169 Contact: